1. A sluice box is installed between the main screen deck and either a sand screw or an auto-spec. Sizes will vary due to the size of the equipment the sand & gravel companies will be using. We customize the setup of the sluice box to prevent any reduction in productivity. We can manufacture the sluice boxes or they can be provided by the client. A well maintained sluice box can last many years, and be transfered from location to location.

2. The equipment that is used inside the sluice boxes are supplied by us. All of our equipment takes the wear and tear away from the steel of the sluice box. We replace our equipment as needed to ensure optimum gold recovery. The equipment is also customized to adapt to recovering all sizes of gold present.

3. We use a concentrating table to run all material recovered. This allows us to select the size of material going on the next step as well as reducing the amount of material to just the gold and black sand.

4. We choose to use a finishing table for gold seperation. We have used designer tables only to begin building our own tables that specifically meet our needs. The final result from these finishing tables will leave the gold very clean and in a sellable form to any refiner.  


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