CB Recovery Systems, Inc. has been recovering gold successfully from various gravel operations since the 1980’s. What started out as a one-man operation has grown into an incorporated business that is servicing both in state and out of state accounts.

Since gold recovery is an important facet of the gravel business, but "secondary" to the primary operation, our most important priorities have been: "Maximum gold recovery" and "No interruption in the production of sand and gravel." Over time experiments have been conducted with different methods of recovery in various pits in an attempt to maximize gold recovery. As an alternative and/or in addition to traditional sluice boxes, we conducted time-consuming tests, at our expense. These tests included types of carpet such as minors moss, overlying riffles, such as expanded metal and punch plate. We have also tested centrifugal bowls, additional pinch sluices, and plain tables. These tests were invaluable in providing us with a wealth of knowledge in designing the most effective gold recovery system on a plant-by-plant basis.

We feel that the only way to operate in such a high risk-trust business is to be direct, informative, honest and ethical.

Gold recovery from a gravel plant operation has progressed to more science than art, however the characteristics of each plant determine how much gold can be recovered from a particular operation. Recoveries will vary from week to week within the same plant and are affected by a number of factors.

First, when a plant begins digging at the surface, gold recovery will be less than when the material comes from a greater depth, such as bedrock.

Second, no matter where the material is being dug, gold loss will occur whenever contaminants are inadvertently introduced into the system. Hydraulic fluid, fuel of any kind, grease, or any other oily materials that run through the sluice boxes will prevent gold from properly settling into the carpets and will allow the gold to "float away."

Third, even the seasons affect gold recovery. Besides lower production in winter months due to freezing temperatures and shorter work days, most plants require nightly wash outs of equipment. Washouts cause gold loss because a high volume of water without the material is running over the sluice boxes. Given these variables, it is hard to imagine that any claim by competitors to project actual recovery can carry much weight.

Gold has long been considered a by-product of a gravel plant, and once the initial cost of a sluice box is expensed, the value of the gold recovered can be looked at as bottom line profit. Once a sluice box is properly installed and maintained it will remain a valuable asset of the company for years to come and can be reused when relocating the plant if that should occur.

We believe that ownership of the sluice box should rest with the gravel company, allowing ownership by an outside party may serve to compromise production of sand and gravel as well as jeopardize any relationship with the company. Since this is a business based upon trust, reputation, and results, we have never solicited box production. However, we request that we be given the opportunity to consult on construction of a new sluice box to ensure optimum gold recovery.

Over time we have increased our knowledge of the process of gold recovery and the level of sophistication of our operation. We have had accounts leave our service only to return after finding out that the improved results they had been promised by a competitor had in fact deteriorated. We have also accepted accounts where the previous recovery operation was terminated and were happy to report an increase in gold recovery.

In some states gold recovery from gravel operations is a cutthroat business; say anything, promise anything just to get a foot in the back door. We can honestly say that we discourage this kind of behavior as there are no long lasting business relationships to come from it. We feel that the only way to operate in such a high risk-trust business is to be direct, informative, honest and ethical. Therefore we will at anytime provide any form of audit requested, including a polygraph test, to verify that all accounts receive the correct amount of gold recovered.

What started out as a one-man operation has grown into an incorporated business with employees being added to the payroll who are insured with workman's compensation and are issued a W-2. We like to assure our accounts that they are at no liability when our (part 46) MSHA trained employees are on a job site. We have never had an on the job accident while in business and strive to continue our safety first policy. In the winter months when carpets and riffles freeze, we formerly conducted our scheduled cleanups at night, sometimes even after 10:30 p.m. After one too many "slick late nights", we invested in a piece of equipment that allows cleanups to commence during the daylight in a safe manner, without temperature being a factor or compromising our efficiency.

One final thought. Hard work, honesty, ethics, and sound advice have kept us in this business for many years now. It is important to us that you understand that we are in this together. The more gold produced the better for both of us and that's the bottom line.

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